SupermarketSustainable Energy & Efficiency Projects


The Supermarket chain is operating for 20 years.

  • 500 branches
  • Stores are between 500-8000m2
  • 25 Mil$ Annual Energy consumption
  • Energy Efficiency target is 20% savings


  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
  • Energy consumption analysis according to occupancy changes
  • Analyzing day-cycle of the building
  • Daytime ventilation and lighting analysis
  • HVAC optimization in accord to real-time data provided by BEAD
  • Daytime operation optimization
  • Real-time energy analysis reporting
  • Predictive analysis for budgeting energy costs
  • Energy profiling for Renewable energy investments
  • BMS system optimization
  • Human-less operation with BEAD AI


10.000 BEAD IoT devices 1.500 Energy Power Meters, 5.000 Communication modules for HVAC, Energy Management, and Analysis Software

RoI of Investment 28 Months


  • Energy Savings %20
  • Operation Optimization %6
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