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    BEAD is the AI-based system; analyzing,
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    energy management by measuring
    real-time occupancy data

Energy consumption in buildings currently accounts for over 40% of all energy consumed in Europe and the US. This alone takes the highest quota of the total energy consumption, ahead of transport and industrial production.

We waste 50 billion USD of energy every year by not knowing how and in what way we consume energy at commercial buildings. 

Now the question is, how can you make up for this deficit?

Traditional automation technologies operate on fixed schedules and standard assumptions of occupancy in commercial and residential buildings. But in reality, only about 1/3rd of these assumptions are true. Why is it so? Traditional automation systems are disconnected from the users and environment in which they operate. Thus, they end up lighting and ventilating empty buildings, storerooms, and flats most of the time.

So what is the solution? Have you ever heard of BEAD? It is an IoT multiple sensor devices and a cloud base AI platform.  What does it do? It analyzes real-time occupancy in a commercial and residential building, to optimize marketing, operations and energy efficiency.

How Does It Work?

BEAD sensor device gets integrated into the building at multiple points and with its built-in motion, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors, this device analyzes and learns the daily use cycle, energy consumption, user behaviour and occupancy changes in both commercial, industrial and residential buildings. After this crucial process, it gives feedback to its automation systems, connecting it to the real-time operation of the building. 

So, as you have discerned, BEAD is the solution to energy consumption problem in a building or what do you think?

How can we help you?

Listen to your building it has a lot to say. Let BEAD help you

Listen to your building. It has a lot to say! Let BEAD help you