BankSustainable Energy & Efficiency Projects


National Bank operating for 50 years.

  • 250 branches
  • Branches are between 1000-2000m2
  • $2.6M Anual Energy consumption
  • Energy Efficiency target is 15%


  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
  • Energy consumption analysis according to occupancy changes
  • Analyzing day-cycle of the building
  • Daytime ventilation and lighting analysis
  • HVAC optimization in accord with real-time data provided by BEAD
  • Daytime operation optimization
  • Real-time energy analysis reporting
  • Predictive analysis for budgeting energy costs
  • Energy profiling for renewable energy investments
  • BMS system optimization
  • Human-less operation of the building with BEAD AI


2.500 BEAD IoT devices, 250 Energy Power Meters, 400 Communication modules for HVAC, Energy Management, and Analysis Software, Retrofit of HVAC

RoI of Investment 18 Months


  • Energy Savings %21
  • Operation Optimization %5
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