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Founder Team

Soner Hacıhaliloğlu

Co-Founder & CEO

Cem Aybar

Co-Founder & COO

Hayrettin Ertürk

Co-Founder & CTO

Executive Team

Orhan Turan

Board Member

Alper Peker

Germany Business Development Executive

Faruk Aktay

Head of Legal

Developer Team

Emre Can Ozkok

Software Developer

Ali Civil

Operation Engineer

Adem Gul

Embedded Systems Engineer

Alara Dirik

Software Developer

Ali Fidancı

Software Developer

Burakcan Timuçin

IoT Intern


We all have been working on remote metering solutions for energy utilities and have been speaking with managers and other engineers regarding what their problems are. After speaking with over 80 decision makers, we decided to develop a technology to change the way commercial buildings consume energy.

Our target is to develop fully autonomous buildings that can learn and share data with other buildings, and adjust their systems based on human interaction and flow pattern in order to save energy and reduce carbon emission. In order to reach this target, we would like to share and collaborate with other AI developers around the world.

We are targeting commercial buildings since those buildings are a part of our daily life and they need to be adapted to the second machine age.

Listen to your building. It has a lot to say! Let BEAD help you