Company overview

BEAD analyses the real-time daily cycle of occupancy tracks changes and circumstances of the buildings from multiple points and thus learns how the building is operated in the most intelligent manner. With the feedback of BEAD the building is connected with its automation system.

BEAD is an IoT device that analyses and learns the daily use cycle, user behavior and occupancy changes of commercial buildings in order give feedback to automation systems connecting it to the real-time operation of the building. BEAD analysis learns from the building and its users and is empowered to start taking over the most intelligent operation of the building. The building will not only be a smart building but also a building operated by artificial intelligence based on ever improving, anonymized data. It controls automation and redirects energy to be used where and when it is needed. Its logic builds on the idea that buildings are dynamic entities and should be treated more like living and learning organisms and not like static dumb assets.

Today, we give the opportunity to commercial buildings owners who don’t know how they consume energy to connect with the buildings life cycle in order to save energy and cost while getting the same level of quality as up to now via operating the buildings with BEADs’ AI. With the help of BEAD the buildings will have a smart energy agent that works and operates the building 7/24. A scaled down household version is in beta phase.

BEAD furthermore analyses how commercial buildings consume energy according to human behavior, occupancy ratios and ambiance and environmental changes in the building in order to give real-time feedback to the automation system. BEAD is the first step to AI operated learning buildings that can adapt themselves operating with real-time feedback loops in order to save energy without losing comfort and sustainability.

Founded in Istanbul, Turkey and backed by prestigious partners such as GTEC and Katapult Accelerator, BEAD is committed to helping you digitalize your building with real-time data.

BEAD Timeline

  • 2015

    Founded in Istanbul, Turkey

    Founded in 2015, and rapidly growing ever since, BEAD was founded by co-founders with more than 15 years of experience in building energy management, building digitalization, and smart grids.

  • 2016

    Launch of First Product Series

    Our team has data scientists, software and IoT engineers with extensive experience in developing embedded systems and machine learning algorithms.

  • 2017

    Reduced Over 500.000 Tons In CO2 Emissions

    Through patent-pending proprietary analytics and optimization technologies in coordination with our growing family of smart sensors, controls, and meters, we create an extensive track record of documented financial savings, optimized visitor interaction experiences, marketing strategy analysis, increased efficiency, increased asset value, and bottom line results.

  • 2018

    Moved HQ to Berlin, Germany


  • Imagine a building that speaks to you
  • Imagine a building that listens to you and thinks about saving you money
  • A building that knows the weather forecast before you do and prepares your building for you.

BEAD is the new IoT technology that brings commercial buildings alive and connects the building with the people that are living in it.

Our Strategic Partners

Target Customer

The phrase “Internet of things” an ” AI “has become a convenient catch-all for all manner of technologies that carry this common characteristic — they’re capable of sharing their data not only with each other but also with other information technology systems, enabling far deeper insights into how well they’re running and what’s going on around them.

BEAD is targeting every customer who wants to convert smart Building into Intelligent buildings which can be a part of our daily life.

How can we help you?

Listen to your building it has a lot to say. Let BEAD help you

“We Shape Our Buildings; Thereafter They Shape Us”

Winston Churchill
Politician, United Kingdom