About Us

BEAD is a disruptive AI technology company that offers technical services for proper building optimization. Founded in Istanbul, Turkey, by Soner Haci, Cem Aybar and Hayrettin Erturk and backed by prestigious partners such as GTEC and Katapult Accelerator. At BEAD, we break down the process of energy consumption in a commercial building and lay down practical steps in which they this problems can be rectified. With the help of our sensor device, monitoring of a complete building is now possible with faster turnaround time and lower cost to you. 

Our practical building and energy management approach is easy, scalable, affordable, and most importantly, it works with the equipment and systems you already have. We consistently put out reliable solutions for our client’s buildings and properties and with over (Input years) years’ worth of experience, we have grown our company on customer satisfaction and timely attention details.

BEAD is committed to helping you digitalize your building with real-time data.

Our Goal

With human behavior contributing to energy waste by 20 to 40%, our goal is to analyze and develop fully autonomous/self-operating buildings to save energy, cut utility bills, optimise marketing strategies and reduce carbon emissions. We also want to create an entirely independent/self-operating structure that can communicate with its residents, share their experience with other intelligent buildings and build their life cycles.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy in business and life is to value import things in life. A customer-first strategy places priority on customer satisfaction, product perfection, and financial integrity and strategic strength.

Our Vision

Our vision is to render our service to everyone possible, and also to satisfy every client who makes use of our service. Every problem has a solution, and BEAD vision is to stand as a solution to every client’s problem.

Please make use of our contact page if you have any questions or you want to discuss any of the services we provide.

BEAD Timeline

  • 2015

    Founded in Istanbul, Turkey

    Founded in 2015, and rapidly growing ever since, BEAD was founded by co-founders with more than 15 years of experience in building energy management, building digitalization, and smart grids.

  • 2016

    Launch of First Product Series

    Our team has data scientists, software and IoT engineers with extensive experience in developing embedded systems and machine learning algorithms.

  • 2017

    Reduced Over 500.000 Tons In CO2 Emissions

    Through patent-pending proprietary analytics and optimization technologies in coordination with our growing family of smart sensors, controls, and meters, we create an extensive track record of documented financial savings, optimized visitor interaction experiences, marketing strategy analysis, increased efficiency, increased asset value, and bottom line results.

  • 2018

    Moved HQ to Berlin, Germany

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