Data Knows – The only way to make Smart Cities Intelligent

Data is the key to optimize and make the things intelligent. We as human have limited capacity to process data and take action accordingly. Do we really need that? We are living in the second machine age and it makes to meaning to spend our time on things which machines can do much faster and much better.

We are now producing 125byte per min per BEAD . 200KB per day, 6MB data per month per BEAD.

That data shows us how we use commercial buildings, how the occupancy changes during the day inside the building, how the density ratios are in certain places of the city or street, how the cooling and heating usage trends are, how indoor comfort levels are, How we light the buildings, and how we consume energy during the day in commercial buildings

That data can be used for optimizing

  • Public transport
  • Marketing strategies
  • Operations
  • Energy Management
  • Indoor comfort levels
  • Lighting levels
  • Investments on Renewable energy
  • Security and Rescue
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Sustainable future goals

BEAD is not just reporting and energy management tool. It is your one-stop solution for digitizing your buildings.