A case study in a Fitness Chain

We spent 90% of our lives inside buildings. Those buildings are responsible for our success at work, for our health and wellbeing even our happiness. But are we really connected with the building which we spend our


We would like to share a study case regarding a fitness chain

Our initial project which was performed with the biggest fitness chain in Turkey addressed our clients’ problems with steadily increasing and unpredictable energy cost at their 40 locations. We started by analyzing one of their location in Istanbul, which runs at 22k Euro monthly energy costs. The problem was that at that location the automation system and the building were basically disconnected from each other, which is a common pattern throughout most locations we have assessed. The automation system was installed with a proxy of maximum assumption of occupancy and no intelligence to adapt. Thus, it catered for service levels assumed to be necessary for 1000 people coming to the location during the day, vs a real life 200 to 350 occupancy at any time.

BEAD identified the following patterns and allows to dynamically react to them

1- The location was only occupied after 10.00 a.m. Our dynamic adaptation to real-time occupancy saved the location close to 10% of energy cost.

2- The system registered energy consumption during nighttime due to cleaning and maintenance patterns. Our dynamic adaptation to reflect actual use times saved the location further energy cost.

3- The location featured windows at the roof, getting daylight for significant periods of the any given day. Adjusting another lighting to reflect the natural daylight use we changed the real-time scheduling to the lighting system, yielding a further 8% of energy cost.

TOTAL energy cost savings for our customer by using BEAD at this location was more than 20%, effective immediately. We achieved these savings by simply analyzing and connecting the buildings different energy uses with the people living inside on a real-time basis.


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